the tommy hall schedule

music of the 13th floor elevators

slip inside this house - live at studio2, nov 21, 2009

dust - live at studio2, nov 21, 2009

the tommy hall schedule was an ongoing project.  during 2009 and 2010,
message from space also performed as the tommy hall schedule.


august 16, 2010
barton springs pool, austin tx

postponed due to rain, the band imploded on aug 18 and this show never happened.
the poster was really cool, though.

november 28, 2009
old quarter, galveston tx

nov 21, 2009
studio2gallery, austin tx

september 13, 2009
antone's, austin tx

may 09, 2009
studio2gallery, austin tx

original poster artwork by sean french

the tommy hall schedule (2009 - 2010) was:

fred mitchim - guitar, vocals
leonard smith - electric jug
sean french - drums
stan ostrum - bass, lightshows

tom robertson - guitar
davis blanchard - keyboards

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